String of Zesty Tips

After participating in #21days21tips initiative from The Test Chat Community on the 22nd day I sat there blankly  staring the wall thinking how quick the days flew by. When I came across this initiative on Linkedin, initially I wasn’t too keen on participating as my mind was pretty convincing that I will give up due to work or to multiple other commitments. 

The next day morning, when I logged into Linkedin  as usual, it took me by surprise to see  so many valuable tips coming my way. I couldn’t resist myself, but jumped  in with both my feet and posted the first tip. Once I hit the “POST” button, I felt like a starling in murmuration. Just after few minutes of posting, I was in a real quandary. Self doubting “What if my posts were not good enough as a tip? !”, “What if it leads people reading my posts to boredom”. Thousands questions zapped my mind in a second. Few hours passed by, nothing like such happened it was all just in my mind. 
Thanks to all those who appreciated the tip by liking it, and even specially reaching out to me in person through direct messages and sending out heartfelt “Thanks” for the tip as it helped them in some way.  

 Keeping my motivation high, a day passed by the next day when I woke up the first thing that occurred to my mind was “what should be the tip of the day?“. The thought would linger all through the day until I come up something to post. And yet again another brand new day and brand new tip, it continued.

In this whole “Tip” churning process my mind was taking short trips down the memory lane. I was kind of re-living those moments and experiences (good and bad) all over again. All those who were involved as part of those experiences were remembered, I reached out to all those forgotten friends and reconnected. 

It did not stop just there, as I went on to post new tip each day. I also read through the posts of my fellow tippers, needless to say how amazing they were, on the hindsight all those tips were mirroring  the actual challenges from the development teams.  In this whole process, I got to meet and make new connections with wonderful people. Individuals who inspire, who share their knowledge, who lend helping hand to all those who need a little nudge. 
I thank The Test Chat Community  for coming up with this initiative, personally this experience was highly rewarding. 

Finally, I couldn’t let go of all the pearls I mined from memory ocean. An attempt to string them together and gift myself the souvenir is here. 


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